Looking very poised for a bull run shortly. Has been hovering below the Bitcoin stocks action the past few weeks. Look for this to get some attention with it being so cheap. The one market that isn't saturated for bitcoin just yet is the chip market. There will always . with last week being an all time high week and monday looking to open under friday's low there are some important levels for today if monday''s low is more than -$ monday's open then last weeks high will not be broken this week if monday's low is less than -$ from monday's open then the high this week will be thursday or friday (unless monday close. MicroStrategy Incorporated is a company that provides business intelligence (BI), mobile software, and cloud-based services. They are known as one of the most prominent institutional BTC investors after investing $ million in August, and recently raising $ million in debt with plans to purchase more.

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We shall see. That's the ultimate bull case for Bitcoin. The same way Tesla changed the auto industry Bitcoin may change the financial industry.

For now, however, I wanted to make this chart to highlight a few things as the year comes to an end: 1. Bitcoin is also having a great year, but I was surprised to see that Tesla is outperforming it by so much. Both are risk-on assets. The correlation between Bitcoin and Tesla says a lot. One way to think about this is how many traders or investors who Bitcoin also own Tesla? Or the other way around? It seems quite a bit.

They attract the same style of thinker. Thanks for reading. I am not writing this as a bullish or bearish idea, but mostly to share some of my thought processes and interesting charts. I'll have more later. Especially as approaches and we begin to reset the YTD performance chart. I work at TradingView helping to build charts, tools, and software for everyone interested in financial markets. The minimum target for the following correction is the Followed by correction under Psychological and Elliott Wave based analysis.

No recommendation! The bubble will eventually pop, trying to figure out when. The continuation pattern seemed familiar so I overlayed the Dot Com Bubble. Looks like the bubble continues until next summer. Valuations are at ridiculous levels All Info is on the chart. Good luck. There seems to be less buyers for the US This shows there is a struggle in bullish momentum hence more sellers to this the effect.

Share your thoughts and ideas on this. Although it is not a typical one, it could be formed for the same reason! Tomorrow is the day to keeping your stop-loss tight. Never lose them! Regn to NDX between two strong support line. I added some longer term trend lines to the charts of the big 4 indexes to give some perspective. I drew a simple line connecting the weekly highs going back to All the charts look very bullish with price sitting comfortably above their respective 9 week moving averages and the look will remain bullish unless the Sept 21st lows are taken out.

What stands Nasdaq in 4h timeframe is going to be bullish as the harmonic pattern pretty clear shows a bull sign while the EMAs are confirm trends stability. RSI constructive. Weekly R - Unfortunately the ratio still in a downtrend just pulling back from extremely lows. RSI range need to move back to the bullish channel red for the ratio's long-term downtrend to reverse; tough-shot unfortunately.

Im hoping it will go down to my buy zone so far so good slowly approaching patience. So, share of "lithium" in top technologies is rising Argments: -Strong eco and anitcarbon trends look energy XLE -EV part rising, EV gorvernment programs -battaries is main part of EV and lithium is mainstream of battaries.

Bitcoin and Tesla in 2020 BLX Index Chart

BTC USD (Bitcoin / US Dollar) This is the most popular Bitcoin pair in the world. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of Bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. I wanted to quickly examine Bitcoin and Tesla since the start of the year. Both assets are really fascinating. They are, in some respects, doing the same thing: changing an old industry with an entirely new approach and not much care for what any of the critics or competitors say or do. They know what must be done and they are on the path. The orange line shows Bitcoin, the red and green. The NASDAQ was first calculated in January 31 of by NASDAQ and it is a modified capitalization-weighted index. This index has been of good reference to investors that want to know how the stock market is performing without financial services companies, this given that the index excludes financial companies. Tags:Btc markets erc20, Tradingview bitcoin euro, Market capitalization bitcoin, Trade btc to usdt, Xlm btc markets


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