BITFINEX:BTCUSD Topping out at $11, - Bitcoin euphoria reached a maximum this week. With a large piercing wick on the weekly candle, we will probably see Bitcoin reverse course a bit in the near term and potentially retest previous highs from the last few months. TradingView UK. Waiting for new entry for long. The weekly RSI is at levels not seen since the December $20k top. This is an idea based on the BTC day cycle. The RSI is showing Bearish Divergence, which could signal that buyers of BTC are becoming exhausted at these levels. Based on the day cycle and the bearish divergence, there is a possibility that BTC will pull back to.

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Market makers love it you sell direct. Thanks for your support. Merry Christmas everyone! Now I think we are super bullish. I think bearish, but who knows what market makers have in store for us.. But I think we need to still brake 20k level before retrace. If you like my content. Tips are welcome. BTC might retrade to support 2 in the next couple of hours if is unable to break new resistance line. Videos only. BEAR bullflag 4H. In any case Btc is not ready yet.

A consolidation at this range would be an extremely bullish sign for Bitcoin, also allowing room for some money flow into Altcoins again. Let's see what happens. This is a needed pullback in a bull market. The lower we go, the better for the long run. I expect we will see ATH again in 1 or 2 months. Possible scenario? Still possible outcome. Looks like momentum is slowing down based on lower highs on RSI 4 hours and backtesting previous patterns on the 4h chart.

Not financial advice. Just some ideas. Trend is clear bearish.. Just for personal reference As long as we don't break the first down target at To confirm this is a short term move expected over the coming weeks. August 11 its all here its all here on the chart. Expected a few more lows before this turns around. Support and resistance are identified The green areas are Target Blue areas are important and strong Time range specified The price is within the pattern.

Just look at the BTC's fluctuations since June 14th until today. Well, in my opinion, that's about ending soon! This chart shows in the first week of September, BTC should choose whether to start a new bull run, or complete No fancy analysis here, just a general observation of the strong support zones cryptos have been unable to break down in recent months.

Other BTC charts have a similar look. Many if you probably bought some BTC between and - its been banding between these prices for a large part of the pattern. This is not a bad long position price. If you have been patiently waiting for

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A big symmetrical triangle with a big divergence is on the way to breakout. The focal point is at EUR. Stay alert, if the price breakout the take-off line and the volume will rise, you have a big opportunity to realize a big trade. i believe that there isn't much bearish momentum currently to take btc under eur not really feeling that bearish at all but it feels we need a correction to finish the wave the future looks bright once the UASF wins through simple wave pattern lines up with july & nov ala could be the year of EUR BTC?Author: Benemos. Hello In latest BTC chart we can see that each indication of our Strategy No.2 (either long or short) would make a profit. No cherry picking here, but just worth noting that with proposed RR rules we can make a decent equity curve on our account. Stay humble and stay safe. Regards. Tags:Bitcoin trading uk explained, Forex trading app bitcoin, Bitcoin trading malaysia, Bitcoin market share history, Bitcoin trader forum


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