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Unlike traditional markets, the digital coin market has no closing time. The altcoin industry is younger, and thus less saturated with algorithmic trading activities compared to traditional markets.

Bitcoin algorithmic trading functionality can be used to help traders know when to trade and how to trade. Algorithmic trading can help traders figure out the right time to make a trade based on many variables like volume, price, momentum, etc. Arbitrage trading is the concurrent buying and selling of an altcoin to profit from its price imbalance. This strategy is done by exploiting the price differences of altcoin exchanges. For instance, if a trader buys bitcoin at ZB. While a human is capable of pulling this off, an algorithm works a lot better, faster, and more efficiently.

A market maker is a trader or a firm that buys and sells assets for its own account. A market-maker makes a profit in two ways: by raising the price of an undervalued altcoin or by lowering the value of an overpriced altcoin. This requires executing multiple orders simultaneously, which is better suited for an algorithm than a human. Algo-trading bitcoin allows investors to trade more efficiently and at better prices. Smart routing is an automated process of handling orders, with the goal of taking the best available opportunity throughout a range of different exchanges.

This algorithm splits an order and spreads it across several marketplaces simultaneously, providing better liquidity. Although a really smart human may be able to perform smart routing, it is best executed if the process is automated. TWAP allows traders to purchase or sell a specific amount of an asset evenly over time. The algorithm executes an order based on the average price of an altcoin at a specified timeframe to avoid moving the market.

Bitcoin algorithmic trading automates the execution of orders, making for more efficient and timely trading overall. It is suitable for the budding and volatile altcoin market, a market that never sleeps. Algorithms are, thus, a go-to tool for day traders who want to gain an edge in the digital asset market.

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