Aug 16,  · By BITANGE NDEMO More by this Author Summary. Barely a month ago, the value of the Bitcoin was $2, As I wrote this article last week, it was approaching $4, By now, it is perhaps a. BY BITANGE NDEMO Land in Kenya has been yielding abnormal returns over the past few years. But there is a new kid in the block with even higher returns: Digital currencies. Barely a year ago, the value of the Bitcoin was $2, Category Archives: Bitange Ndemo. Auto Added by WPeMatico. Blockchain for Fair Distribution of Housing, Kenya’s Promise in the Aftermath of Large-scale Corruption. Leave a reply. Bitange Ndemo, Bitcoin News, Blockchain, Crime, cryptocurrencies, Cryptocurrency.

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Blockchain in Kenya: An Interview With Taskforce Chairman Bitange Ndemo

One of the reasons for this is that immigrants use gift cards to send remittances home. Alternatively, you can set up a buy bitcoin offer. Purchasing bitcoin with gift cards is a straightforward process. To start buying bitcoin with gift cards, sign up to Paxful today. As social justice movements leverage social media platforms like Twitter to make their voices heard, many have discovered a new tool: Bitcoin.

The internet is the epicentre of social change, and it only makes sense that activists are now adding bitcoin to their arsenal. So, can cryptocurrencies provide the same level of impact on activism as social media platforms? This article explores how activists can use bitcoin. Any activist willing to protest against injustice should know how to raise money. Protesters need banners, water, food, and medical care in case they get hurt. These requirements come at a cost, necessitating movements to search for funds.

Activists can raise money out of pocket or they can reach out to well-wishers for donations. The former option is unreliable, which means that social justice movements have to fully rely on donations.

Unfortunately, government censorship can make it hard for such movements to receive donations through banks and other conventional financial institutions.

Moreover, they could punish the donors that support social justice campaigns. The EndSARS campaign, for instance, has faced challenges with receiving donations because the Flutterwave links were down for some time. According to Tweets on the Feminist Coalition account, the Central Bank of Nigeria could have been behind the Flutterwave payment issues. However, it is unclear.

Flutterwave is a payment solution in Nigeria, while the Feminist Coalition is one of the organisations that has been active in raising donations for the campaign. Furthermore, donors outside the country where a campaign is taking place will find it challenging to send donations due to the high cost of sending money.

Also, online payment platforms like PayPal are not available in every country. That prevents people in these countries from making donations to campaigns happening in other parts of the world. Speed is also important when collecting donations. Activists will often need funds immediately to keep a campaign going long enough to make an impact.

Therefore, if they are not receiving cash directly, they might have to visit a bank to withdraw large amounts of money. That could waste a lot of precious time. Bitcoin is censorship-resistant, which means that governments cannot prevent activists from receiving donations in bitcoin. To solve the challenge of receiving donations through Flutterwave, the Feminist Coalition is now accepting bitcoin donations only. Bitcoin is pseudonymous, which means that governments cannot easily trace bitcoin transactions to the real-world identities of the senders and recipients.

That offers a sense of security to both donors and activists, especially in countries where protesting can mean beatings, jail time, or death. It is even better when social justice movements are decentralised because there are no public leaders that law enforcement can pursue.

Moreover, they can receive donations from anywhere at any time. As a result, more people can financially support causes they believe in, even though they live on another continent. Also, bitcoin transactions do not involve third parties, thereby cutting down the cost and increasing transaction speeds. Once a donor sends BTC, the activist will receive it in minutes and fund their campaign immediately. Furthermore, buying supplies for a protest becomes easier when local businesses start accepting crypto payments.

For instance, several local businesses started accepting cryptocurrencies in in support of the Hong Kong protests against Chinese influence. Fighting deep-rooted social injustices require bridging the wealth gap between the oppressors and the oppressed. In a world where the wealthy influence political decisions in their favour, amassing wealth could be a possible solution that marginalised communities can adopt to fight discrimination.

Since marginalised communities suffer discrimination from traditional financial institutions, bitcoin becomes an attractive alternative. The censorship-resistant and easy accessibility of bitcoin means that marginalised communities can use it to create wealth and acquire financial freedom and the power to fight prejudices. By way of illustration, activists can direct part of the bitcoin donations they receive to fund small businesses in the community.

As a result, financially stronger businesses can create jobs and increase the purchasing power of other community members. Other methods that communities can use to create wealth include buying and holding bitcoin and accessing business loans in crypto. Money can help fight police brutality better than protesting on the streets. Moreover, marginalised communities can create their tokens or community currencies to improve their financial positions.

Social media has made the world aware of the social injustices that take place in various parts of the world. Now, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are giving the world a chance to support social justice movements financially. Together, both tools are creating a world where no one has to fight injustices alone. Connect with us. Share Tweet. The State of Blockchain Adoption in Kenya While blockchain adoption in Kenya is at its infancy, there are already a handful of companies implementing this disruptive technology to solve various challenges.

Creating Trusted Digital Identities In the past few months, Kenyans engaged in the registration of a digital identity, which will enable them to access government services more seamlessly. Developing a Central Bank Digital Currency In , the taskforce proposed the development of a central bank digital currency CBDC that would act as a valid legal tender.

Tokenising the Kenyan Economy The tokenisation of assets is another important aspect of blockchain adoption in Kenya. Asked about the future of blockchain adoption in Kenya, Bitange said adoption is inevitable. Continue Reading. You may like. Published 3 weeks ago on December 4, By Angeline Mbogo.

Read these and other stories in our news roundup this week. Published 3 weeks ago on December 2, How to Buy Bitcoin with Gift Cards If you have a gift card that is unused or with a balance, you can trade it for bitcoin. The steps below will show you how to buy bitcoin with gift cards. First, ensure that the gift card you want to sell has a balance. Also, take a photo of the receipt you received after buying your gift card. If you did not buy it, ask the person that did to send you a picture of the receipt.

Bear in mind that some buyers might only accept a gift card purchased with cash. Visit the Paxful website. Next, create an account. If you already have an account, log in. Carry out all the KYC requirements. On Paxful, that includes providing proof of your identity and address, email address verification, and phone number verification.

Also, enter the amount you wish to spend in your preferred currency. When inserting the amount, consider the gift card balance. Look for traders that are accepting the gift card you are selling. For instance, if you have an iTunes gift card, look for traders that are accepting this card. Examine their buying limits, prices, and terms. Also, review the trust rating of the seller, the feedback they have received, and if they have verified all their details.

Trading with a fully-verified person reduces the risk of trading with a false trader. You will also want to trade with an active trader. The group included local blockchain startups, experts, researchers and members of Kenyan regulatory bodies.

In June, decentralized liquidity network Bancor, in partnership with the non-profit foundation, Grassroots Economics, launched a network of blockchain-based community currencies in Kenya aimed at combating poverty. The project seeks to stimulate local and regional commerce and peer-to-peer activity by enabling Kenyan communities to create and manage their own digital tokens.

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Bitange Ndemo Talks Bitcoin and Blockchain in Kenya Blockchain Adoption in Kenya: An Interview With Blockchain Taskforce Chairman Bitange Ndemo

Bitange Ndemo Talks Bitcoin and Blockchain in Kenya January 3, admin Basics Of Bitcoin 3 The former Permanent Secretary for ICT and lecturer at University of Nairobi, Bitange Ndemo, is a well-known advocate for emerging technologies especially . Bitange Ndemo, the Chairman of the recently established A.I. & Blockchain Taskforce by the Government of Kenya, addressed the audience at the event. 24Bit, a technology talk show, also caught up with the Blockchain advocate to discuss the Kenya government’s recent push for adoption of . Bitange Ndemo Selected to Lead Blockchain Taskforce By Martin Siele on 28 February - pm Former ICT Permanent Secretary, Bitange Ndemo, has been tapped by the Government to lead an member taskforce on blockchain technology. Tags:American bitcoin trader alexander johnson, Best multiply btc strategy, Profit bitcoin scam, Bitcoin market arbitrage table, How to be a successful bitcoin trader


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